....More About Joy Langley 

Author, Coach, Speaker and Psychotherapist

I experienced five heart-breaking family bereavements within the space of four years.  I lost my 23 year old son in 2018. My sister & niece in 2020. Followed by my mum & dad in 2021.

I was left with so much unexpressed grief, a loss of self confidence,  direction, and negative mental & emotional thoughts. But...I still had to run my stress management business.

Life is about  being able to  handle the good and the bad ...isn't it? But wasn't this really asking too much?    

On a daily basis a range of emotional triggers forced me to slow down my stress management  practice. In fact I almost quit!  

And if it wasn't for my high levels of emotional intelligence,  self-awareness, professional therapy training & strategies ...I'm not sure whether I would have survived.  

But bit by bit my confidence returned.  I started feeling better about myself.  More courageous and more self-empowered.

...This is when I realised I wanted to help other entrepreneurs going through emotional trauma. They too were faced with running a business whilst  dealing with hidden psychological  & emotional struggles.  

So ...

I started being more honest on social media about my emotional and mental struggles too.  Because being an entrepreneur isn't easy. Yet  I would never give up my independence, and the freedom it brings.

My business helps me to create wealth, use my God-given talents and  follow my own North Star. I still learn something new about myself every day! But...

 I have a set of strategies that help me feel empowered, and give me the courage to handle what life decides to throw at me.