De-Stress For Creative Success

Use Your Adrenalin To Create Your Best Client Work Ever.
But Avoid Emotional  Exhaustion And Mental Burnout.

For  Visionary Creative Professionals With Ethics And A H'Art for Saving The Planet.


Protecting  your mind & heart, the source of your 'Creative Wealth'?
Delivering  your best work consistently. Handling things better?
Staying  mentally sharp daily, recovering and building  resilience?

Get the "10 Ways to Love Creative Adrenalin - 
But Avoid Emotional & Mental Burnout."
....Practice Intentional Self Care.

A Typical Day At the Office...

  • The pressure and deadlines are constant, another business pitch, how will the client react? You need to nail the brief, and win new accounts. But lately you've been feeling more overwhelmed, anxious and jittery. The all-nighters have to stop're exhausted. And there's no one to  confide in.
  • You're staring at a blank page or screen, second guessing and putting things off. Is your creative flow drying up?!  Difficult clients, a difficult creative team. Everyone's questioning your decisions and leadership style. So many different egos and personalities to manage ...sometimes you feel like their mother. Who can you process your anxiety and doubts with?
  • Work life balance is NOT balancing, so many arguments with the family and kids. Does anyone care or appreciate how hard you work to keep them happy? Parents are getting older, they need your attention too. Forget about about any 'Me Time' - the gym, your passion for cycling, and cooking your favourite recipe. With no one to give you another perspective you're bottling things up again.

But it doesn't have to be that way...

De-Stress Quickly and Consistently
 It's As Easy As 1, 2, 3


Assess Your Creative Stress Level
Learn A New Strategy   

 1st STEP -  Lets get strategic like you do in business. Discover existing and  potential stressors blocking  your success.  Good solutions will help boost your creative thinking, career and personal growth.
 Learn 1 of the powerful  Creative Success frameworks.


 Work Your Personalised       De-Stress Strategy

2nd STEP - You have clarity & data about what' s been going wrong.
You're confident about building SUCCESS HABITs over a longer consistent  period.  
Add more tools to the creative success toolbox.


Expand Your  Career and Creative Growth  Adventure

3rd STEP -There's a bigger adventure inside you - there's a "Better Me." We have limitless potential for emotional and spiritual growth and change.
Get rid of destructive behavioural, emotional and mental life maps.
 If a happier, richer, more fulfilled  life is  just out of reach can make it a reality.

Practice Intentional 'Self-Care'.
Use Research-based Scientific Strategies That Strengthen You. 
Protect Your Creative Power.
...Your Emotional Mind and Mental Mindset.

  • Discover why your mind works the way it does - we can rewire our brain and build new creative habits that reduce our stress load.  Feel confident about stepping out of a mind  block or freeze.

  • Reverse  the self-sabotaging negative mind chatter and limiting beliefs. Enjoy greater productivity and healthier communication strategies. 

  • Boost your critical thinking to enhance career opportunities and personal growth. Add  easy to to use frameworks to your toolbox and  build success habits. 

  • Create new behavioural, emotional and mental life maps.  They guide you towards the next level of creative success and  resilience.  

  • Ease into  your true potential and  your unique work life balance. You're best work is yet to come! A better version of you is just a step away.

Find Out How To  Start Being  A Creative Success On Your Terms!

More About Me...

Joy Langley

Author, Coach, Speaker & Psychotherapist 

I've had many jobs from being a  bored PA, to a bored print production assistant, to a dream job ...interviewing music artists. But I wasn't living up to my human potential or exploiting my creative urges.
Bouts of anxiety and depression took me to dark dangerous places ...I was lost. I remember thinking - "what the hell's wrong with me - how comes  other people seem to cope but I can't?"  

Then I made a decision to  'get happy.'  I  got myself  a coach, followed self-help books religiously, and stretched myself creatively. I got sucked into psychology, broke negative beliefs, ditched an old relationship and re-trained. It led to a 15 year career as a coach, psychotherapist, speaker ...and more recently author of 'Navigating Stress.'  

Whats the biggest kick for me right now? Sharing my techniques and secrets about positive stress energy. And supporting others in finding  their happier, wealthier "Better Version of Me".  I've learned how to use  stressy adrenalin to my creative advantage ...And  managed to avoid scary emotional exhaustion and mental burnout too. Phew!

FAQ's ...Frequently asked questions

WHY Choose a 'better VERSION OF me' coaching program  


I have over 15years of coaching and psychotherapy training. I  partner with clients to reduce their stress & anxiety. Stress is the tip of the iceberg. Underneath are issues of identity,  belief systems, loss of self-esteem, self-confidence, bereavement, loss, change and more.

RESEARCH & framework

I use frameworks that can be tailored to your unique situation. Cutting edge research from the field of neuroscience and psychology. Everything I share is doable and actionable. BUT I promise jargon! I only do things that are fun and human-friendly.

deeper levels of work

We can work together at what ever level you life is at for set periods (sprints). But deeper levels and extended periods of work are possible at any point during our time together.  You can also suggest topics you want to focus on.


You can work at a pace you enjoy. I know you are busy and life can change, so I am flexible. There is no such thing as 'falling' behind - only falling forwards. Everything happens - at the right time


Videos and reading material are specially selected for you.
As I learn more about you the content  goes deeper.

text messages & video chat

I keep in touch  via short text messages or via Whats App between sessions.
 Short Pep Talks are specially written with you in mind. They support and hold you accountable. They help you feel someone's got your back! It keeps your energy high in between sessions. 

Protect the ultimate source of your 
'Creative Wealth'
...your emotional and mental mindset



...find out more about the steps and strategies that help you de-stress for creative success!

  • An easy reader you can follow along at your own pace. List item two
  • The book combines the science of stress with practical advice on how you can manage it.
  • Readers enjoy the emphasis on “...there is no one size fits all solution.” Mix and match the ideas and strategies.
  • Build your own starting point to analyse what gets you stressed.
  • Find your best personalised solutions without feeling 'bad' about yourself or that you're being preached at.

Book Reviews

 Joy writes with humour and passion a step by step account of what stress is, why we get it and more importantly what we can do about it. It has practical applications and exercises to try, and Joy uses her own experiences to help the reader understand and gain insight

Kiren K

 For someone who is not too much into self help books, this book was such a game changer. It is very refreshing how Joy, the author of this book tells you what could be the possible root causes with a tailored action plan


  The way that she explains the chemical processes are both fascinating and digestible to those of us, who like me have no formal education in human biology. It has had profound impact on the way that I look at myself and others behaviours in real time as I delve deeper into the mystery that is the human mind.

tammy L

 Highly recommend. I like the format and layout, which was easy to follow. Learnt so much about physiology and the brain, all written in a language you can understand, without having a medical background. It makes you look at stress seperate from yourself and helps you navigate it better. Good book to have at hand to dip in and out of.


Wow, this book opened a new door for me. It came with exercises which helped me to recognize my stress and identify what triggered my stress. It made me realise why I have stress and what it looks like. It presents ways to turn them into challenges and how to use my stress in a positive way.  All the exercises within the book are very useful.
 I am already making significant changes in my life.  A simple, yet efficient way to manage and cope with stress. I would 100% recommend it to anybody, especially under current situations, I believe everyone would benefit from reading this book.


  Joy Langley has spent much of her career focusing on mental health. Specifically, the issue of male mental health, and breaking through the myths, stereotypes and ‘traditions’ surrounding it. Her latest book, “Navigating Stress: How to Find Calm During Stressful Times”, provides the reader (both male and female) with a well-thought and highly applicable roadmap on how to de-stress your life. A fast, fun read, It feels as though Ms. Langley is taking you by the hand and guiding you directly on the path to betterment. I would highly recommend this book to anyone facing the ups-and-downs of life!