Emotional Intelligence

For female business owners & entrepreneurs who want to deliver their best performance, make great decisions, build a strong business and strong relationships ...BECAUSE they master their emotions.

A strong mind builds a strong business. Learn how to transform the lack of emotional control ...the dread of conflict ...and poor team, client, stakeholder relationships into exponential growth.

3  Client Case Studies 

Transformation 1

 A business owner in Tech with a remote team of 5  people, experienced daily anxiety and overwhelm. A toxic combination of health, financial and personal relationship  challenges.

 The only relief was ...scrolling social media, watching  netflix back-to-back,  and over-eating.

After 3 months of working together, she understood the unrealistic high standards that were driving the challenges.  Now she doesn't need the distractions of netflix and social media! And introduced scheduled gym sessions, affirmation breaks, and scheduled 'me'  fun time!  

Transformation 2

A business owner with family responsibilities wanted to reduce her consultancy work, return to the film industry and complete her debut book.

But she hated conflict! Lacked assertiveness, confidence, and had imposter syndrome about being 'good enough.'

After 6 months she learned techniques that  re-examined limiting beliefs, core values and her life purpose.  She learned to say "No!” This  reduced her consultancy load,  and helped her release a short film  ...she is working on the next one.

Transformation 3

 A corporate client wanted to pursue entrepreneurship for the first time,  in the cosmetic industry. But she was sabotaging her efforts with feelings of worthlessness, severe anxiety, and an over-achievers perfectionistic mindset.

She wanted to get to the root of unhealthy relationships, and her lack of self esteem.

During our 4 months together she gained the confidence to launch her cosmetic product, employ part-time staff, and start dating again. Her outlook is now more positive and she embraces life. 

Imagine if you could....

 - Handle  marketing and sales enquiries with  confidence
- Show  up confidently on social media (videos & podcasts)
- Win new business & network with no anxiety
- Attract better talent, team leaders and retain them
- Handle the  "unexpected" crisis fearlessly
- Pivot and revise decisions, goals and targets confidently

Stronger leadership
Better delegation
 Happy investors and board members
 Life-Work Harmony (balance) that suits you  

My Back Story...

Joy Langley -  Emotional Intelligence Coach, Therapist &  Author of Navigating Stress

I've experienced five earth-shattering family bereavements within the space of three years. I lost my 23 year old son in 2018, then my sister & niece, my mum & dad shortly after that. But life is about handling the good and the bad isn't it?  

My emotional intelligence skills literally saved my life. Restored my confidence, self-worth,  and my determination to share my emotional and mental journey with entrepreneurs.

But... I became a therapist in 2001 because ironically I was feeling stressed out! Bad experiences made me question my emotional intelligence, because old negative patterns were repeating themselves.

 My 15-year relationship had failed. I lost the business we’d built together. And I became a single mum to our 7 year old son overnight. My emotions were all over the place, but I had to become self-sufficient. 

When I retrained as a therapist, worked for a local college and then started a business seven years later, somehow I'd turned my stress into my strength.  I also achieved the life-work balance that was 'right' for me.

 I really do use the transformational techniques I share with clients on myself.  Why? Because they work. They calm my regular bouts of anxiety, my overwhelm and  even my imposter syndrome and depression. Being an entrepreneur isn't easy, but I wouldn't give up my independence, and the freedom it gives me to follow my own north star. 

Emotional Intelligence