Emotional & Mental Stamina 
For Creative Founders  & C.E.O's

(Influencers and Thought Leaders)

Avoid The Impact Of Negative Psychological Mental States And Creative Burnout.
So You Can Show Up At Your Best Consistently.

 (I promise - no sitting around campfires singing Kumbaya or Adele tracks! )

The Creative C.E.O.

Avoid The Fear Of Sinking Into Negative Mental States And Getting Creative Burnout

You're in business to turn ideas into reality - and  deliver something delicious! You are a modern day alchemist.

BUT it's tough focusing on day-to-day operations, whilst questioning:

SHOULD I  make more videos, podcasts, plus do interviews ...& how will I find the time? 

SHOULD I attend more virtual zoom meetings or go back to real-time Networking? 
(you'd prefer to put your feet up AND  have a cuppa, wouldn't you).

HOW CAN I consistently 'show-up' in front of the team or online with a smiley face -  when  I've had a frustrating morning or afternoon (or something bad is happening in my personal life)?

HOW CAN I  continue to create assets and demonstrate my creativity to the team ... without reducing profitability? (or do I have to let go of the reason I became a creative?)

CAN I REALLY learn psychological strategies and mind hacks. To reduce worry & anxiety. And  consistently demonstrate leadership and courage consistently?

CAN  I REALLY  continue to ignore 'intentional' self-care and self-growth practices? Without sacrificing the growth of the business, my health, personal relationships, or my sanity?

You need the right tools to - "Stay Strong ... Even When Things Go Wrong"


Protect  your Creative Mind, 
& Soul?
Avoid getting exhausted and burnt-out?
Handle the pressure and micro build-up of negative mental thinking?
Emotionally park the critics, trolls and haters? (NB: some come from you!)

Build Emotional and Mental stamina that aids recovery and builds resilience

You Can Guarantee  A  Result
If You Take These 3 Small Steps .....


Assess Your Stress Level


1st STEP -  Lets get strategic like you do in business. Identify existing and  potential stressors blocking  your success.  Solutions will help boost your creative thinking, career and personal growth.
 ...Learn 1 of the powerful  C.E.O.  frameworks.


 Work Your Personalised       Growth Strategy

2nd STEP - You have clarity & data about what' s been going wrong.
You're confident and committed to  building SUCCESS HABITs over a longer consistent period of time.
...Now add more framworks to the creative C.E.O. toolbox.


 Expand Your  Growth Mindset.
....Creativity is An Exciting Adventure

3rd STEP -There's a big adventure waiting for you - a   "Better Version of You."  Because humans have limitless potential.
Watch Emotional, Mental and Spiritual growth happen, as old structures dissolve.  Build a brand new behavioural, emotional and mental life map. 

...A happier,  more fulfilled  life is  just around the corner.

Build Emotional and Mental Stamina
Apply Research-based, Scientific Strategies
...Avoid Creative Burnout and Still Increase Your Profitability!

"Your Ability To Create is Your Most Valuable Asset"

  • Discover why your mind works the way it does. We can rewire our brain and build new habits that reduce our mental stress load.  Feel confident about stepping out of a mind  fog, block or freeze.

  • Reverse self-sabotaging negative mind chatter and limiting beliefs. Get to the root cause. Enjoy greater productivity and healthier communication with the team and family. 

  • Boost your critical thinking to enhance career opportunities and personal growth. Add easy to use frameworks to your toolbox that change negative thinking habits. 

  • Create new behavioural, emotional and mental life maps. To guide you towards the next level of intentional self-care, health, creative success and resilience.  

  • Ease into your highest potential whilst creating a unique work life balance. Your best work is yet to come! A better version of your business (and YOU) is just a step away.

I Want To Stay A Creative C.E.O & Fouder

Whose going to help you handle the psychological pressure -
so you can build emotional and mental stamina?

Me of course!

Joy Langley

Author, Coach, Speaker & Psychotherapist 

I've had many jobs from being a  bored PA, to a depressed print production assistant, to my dream job ...interviewing music artists (Beyonce Knowles in Destinys Child no less!)

But bouts of anxiety and depression took me to dark dangerous places.

 ...I was lost. I remember thinking - "What the hell's wrong with me - how comes  other people seem to cope but I can't?"  

Then I made a decision to  'get happy.'  And fell into to a 17 year career as a coach, psychotherapist, speaker & podcast guest.
 ...and more recently author of 'Navigating Stress.'  New life choices literally saved my life.

Whats the biggest thrill for me right now? Working in a specialist niche  with creative spirits. Sharing 17+ years of psychological expertise and wisdom.

What's My zone of genius?...getting results!

FAQ's ...Frequently asked questions:

C.E.O. & FounderS programS?  


I have over 17 years of coaching and psychotherapy training. I've  partnered with 100's of clients to reduce  stress & anxiety. 

Plus underlying  issues of self identity,  core belief systems, low self-esteem,  low self-confidence, bereavement,  relationship challenges ... and more.

RESEARCH & framework

I use frameworks based on cutting edge research - from the fields of neuroscience and psychology. 

Everything I share is doable and actionable (and fun!). Education + Entertainment.  I promise ...no jargon! I am a  'human friendly' zone.

deeper levels of work

We work together  in 12 week sprints.  Either 1:1 or in a Mastermind Group to add peer accountability.

Then we move onto deeper levels and extended periods of 12 week blocks.  You can also suggest personal topics to focus on + have personal 1:1 meetings. away from the mastermind group.


We will work at a pace you enjoy. Because you are busy and business life springs surprises. So I am flexible.

 There is no such thing as 'falling' behind with me  - only sticking to the commitment you make to yourself. Everything happens - at the right time. 


Videos and reading material are specially created for you.

As I learn more about you the content  goes deeper, and I find the level of content to match your needs. 

text messages & video chat

I can keep in touch  via short text and audio messages via Whats App between sessions.

 Short audio Pep Talks are specially written with you in mind. They support and hold you accountable. They help you feel someone's got your back! It keeps your energy high between sessions. 

Protect the ultimate source of your 
'Creative  Wealth & Health'
...Emotional Minset & Mental  Stamina 



...find out more about the steps and strategies that help you 

de-stress for creative success!

  • An easy reader you can follow along at your own pace. 
  • The book combines the basic science of stress & anxiety with practical advice on how you can manage it.
  • Readers enjoy that  “...there is no one size fits all solution.” Mix and match the ideas and strategies to suit your needs.
  • Build your own metrics to analyse what gets you stressed.
  • Find your best personalised solutions without feeling 'bad' about yourself or that ideas are over your head.


Book Reviews

 Joy writes with humour and passion a step by step account of what stress is, why we get it and more importantly what we can do about it. It has practical applications and exercises to try, and Joy uses her own experiences to help the reader understand and gain insight

Kiren K

 For someone who is not too much into self help books, this book was such a game changer. It is very refreshing how Joy, the author of this book tells you what could be the possible root causes with a tailored action plan


  The way that she explains the chemical processes are both fascinating and digestible to those of us, who like me have no formal education in human biology. It has had profound impact on the way that I look at myself and others behaviours in real time as I delve deeper into the mystery that is the human mind.

tammy L

 Highly recommend. I like the format and layout, which was easy to follow. Learnt so much about physiology and the brain, all written in a language you can understand, without having a medical background. It makes you look at stress seperate from yourself and helps you navigate it better. Good book to have at hand to dip in and out of.


Wow, this book opened a new door for me. It came with exercises which helped me to recognize my stress and identify what triggered my stress. It made me realise why I have stress and what it looks like. It presents ways to turn them into challenges and how to use my stress in a positive way.  All the exercises within the book are very useful.
 I am already making significant changes in my life.  A simple, yet efficient way to manage and cope with stress. I would 100% recommend it to anybody, especially under current situations, I believe everyone would benefit from reading this book.


  Joy Langley has spent much of her career focusing on mental health. Specifically, the issue of male mental health, and breaking through the myths, stereotypes and ‘traditions’ surrounding it. Her latest book, “Navigating Stress: How to Find Calm During Stressful Times”, provides the reader (both male and female) with a well-thought and highly applicable roadmap on how to de-stress your life. A fast, fun read, It feels as though Ms. Langley is taking you by the hand and guiding you directly on the path to betterment. I would highly recommend this book to anyone facing the ups-and-downs of life!


The Creative C.E.O & Founders Program?