Emotional Intelligence

For mature female entrepreneurs who want to build psychological strength, catch negative thoughts & emotional triggers, and transform this energy into empowered courageous action.

Stop trying to build & grow your empire ...without building strong psychological foundations.

3  Client Case Studies 

Transformation 1

 A business owner in Tech with a remote team of 5  people, experienced  the emotional triggers of anxiety and overwhelm daily.

But had a toxic combination of poor health, financial challenges  and personal relationship difficulties.

 The only relief  and coping mechanism was ...scrolling social media, watching  netflix back-to-back,  and over-eating.

After 3 months of working together, she understood the unrealistic high standards that were causing the emotional triggers.  

Now she no longer  needs the distractions of netflix and social media. And introduced scheduled gym sessions, affirmation breaks, and scheduled 'me'  fun time!  

Transformation 2

A business owner with family responsibilities wanted to reduce her consultancy work, return to the film industry and complete her debut book.

But she  was regularly triggered by conflict and found it hard to say 'no' or be assertive.  She lacked confidence, courage and had  imposter syndrome.

After 6 months of working together she understood her negative thoughts and emotional triggers. She learned techniques that  re-examined limiting beliefs, core values and her life purpose.  

She learned that  "No” is a complete sentence!  This  reduced her consultancy load,  she returned to the film industry  ...and released her book.

Transformation 3

 A corporate client wanted to pursue entrepreneurship  in the cosmetic industry.

But she was being triggered by feelings of worthlessness, severe anxiety, and an over-achievers  mindset.

She also wanted to get to the root of unhealthy relationships, and her lack of self esteem.

During our 4 months together she gained the confidence to launch her cosmetic product, employ part-time staff, and start dating again.

Her outlook is more positive, she embraces life using the tools to handle mental & emotional  triggers quickly.

...Imagine breaking  your mental & emotional triggers quickly, because you have the right tools to confidently & quickly handle things?

Emotional Intelligence