Joy Langley -  Coach, Therapist &  Author of Navigating Stress 

Emotional Intelligence

Are you a business owner or entrepreneur that  wants to stop making bad business decisions when anxious, stressed and under pressure? And start prioritising your health, sanity, and personal relationships?  

Learn how to strengthen your mindset & psychology. Learn emotional intelligence & mental mastery strategies, so that you can make better decisions, protect your business growth and strengthen your Empire.

Because don't have to do this by yourself.

3  Client Case Studies 

Transformation 1

 A business owner in Tech was experiencing daily stress, anxiety, and overwhelm. A toxic combination of relationship, health and business challenges.

 The only relief she experienced was through procrastination via Netflix, social media and food.

After 3 months of working together, the stress, anxiety, and overwhelm stopped limiting business the way they used to. She no longer uses Netflix and social media to manage them. She goes to the gym regularly and allows herself to have fun!  

Transformation 2

A business owner with family responsibilities wanted to reduce her consultancy work, return to the film industry and complete a commissioned book.

But she lacked assertiveness, confidence, and had imposter syndrome.

After 6 months she gained clarity about her life. Re-examined her beliefs, values and purpose. Plus reviewed childhood belief systems. As a result she learned to say "No” which reduced her consultancy load. She successfully released a short film and is working on the next one.

Transformation 3

 A corporate client wanted to pursue entrepreneurship in the cosmetic industry. She was sabotaging her efforts with feelings of worthlessness, severe anxiety, and an over-achievers mindset.

She wanted to get to the root of unhealthy relationships and build her business.

During our 4 months together she gained the confidence to launch her cosmetic product, employ part-time staff, and even start dating. Her outlook is now more positive. She manages her anxiety, and embraces life. 

.....Imagine Being Able To

 - Handle the marketing and sales of products & services
- Build a personal  brand  
- Show up on social media consistently (videos & podcasts)
- Win new business & network
- Attract the best talent, Senior Leaders and retain them
- Handle unexpected crisis and challenges  
- Pivot and revise goals and targets

- Make the best decisions, with attitude and certainty
- Show leadership and delegate appropriately.
 - Keep investors and board members happy
- Maintain a Life-Work Harmony (balance) that suits you  
- Build strong relationships with  business partners
- Build strong relationships with life partners & children (plus family & friends)

My Back Story...

Joy Langley -  Coach, Therapist &  Author of Navigating Stress

I became a therapist & stress management coach because ironically I was feeling …stressed out! Bad experiences made me question my emotional intelligence, because negative patterns were repeating themselves.

  My 15-year relationship had failed, I lost the business we’d built, and I became a single mum to my 7 year old son overnight. My emotions were all over the place. I wanted to be self-sufficient, but how?  

So I re-trained. I became a therapist. And 7 years later I started a business. I turned my stress into my strength.  I achieved the Life-Work Balance that was 'right' for me, whilst improving my emotional intelligence skills.

I learned techniques that calmed my anxiety & nervous tension, got rid of my imposter syndrome, and reduced  depression and overwhelm.    

Plus I learned about my optimum stress levels, negative thinking habits & patterns, and how to shut-up my inner critic. I regained my self confidence and a feeling of worthiness and value.

Move From Stress To Strength