....More About Joy Langley 

Author, Coach, Speaker and Psychotherapist

I've had many jobs since graduating with a Science & Business degree.  All involved starting at the bottom of the ladder. From personal assistant in Fashion -  to working for a major record label.

My favourite enterprise? - running a small music newsletter called "Soul Trade" then meeting and interviewing Beyonce before she became a superstar.

I was  curious about other peoples lives. Also I wanted to solve my regular bouts of depression. My curiosity  led to a 17 year career in - counselling, coaching and psychotherapy.

 With so many painful  bumps along the way, life taught me a lot. But my biggest wish? That school or my parents had taught me how to navigate  stress.  That someone had taught me how to improve my emotional intelligence. Fast forward to my debut book in 2021.

My professional expertise in emotional intelligence helps me to master stress, overcome over-whelm and fire up resilience and confidence in challenging situations. I still get stressed! Because it's our natural survival response ...but I know the situations that trigger it, my tolerance levels and the strategies and frameworks that work best for me.

That's why I know you too can enjoy the freedom to live your best life, have better relationships, look after your health ...and enjoy  business success on your terms.And

Navigate Stress At Your Own Pace 

A little book with a big punch -  that breaks down the steps to master stressy situations.