Symptoms Of Creative Stress

Assess Your Psychological Strength Level 

What Are You Experiencing?

  • Under constant pressure to nail the brief and win new accounts, contracts or commission? 
  •  Overwhelmed, anxious and jittery. Another deadline looming. Have you done enough to please the client? 
  • Staring at a blank page. Is my creative flow  drying up? 
  • Eating badly. Cue X-tra coffee, bag of crisps and chocolate biscuits. 
  • Tired, been sleeping badly.  Pulled another 2am night-shift.  
  • Worried. Can I repeat  past successes? You're only as good as your last  award-winning campaign or award. 
  • The creative team are being difficult. You're questioning your communication skills.
  • Strong leadership is critical …but working with multi-skilled teams can be a nightmare.  
  • You want to spend quality time with family and friends, go to the gym - but it's not working. 
  • Children? Pets? Aging parents?  … they all demand your time and attention too.
  • Does anyone appreciate how hard you’re working to keep them happy?

1. Assess your Psychological Strength Level

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